Through 2025, Westside will be partnering with 30 foster families to provide "WrapAround Care." WrapAround Care is a network of people and resources that seeks to support foster families in every area of life. To learn more about how you can do something to come alongside foster families in Gainesville, see below.



WrapAround Care comes alongside foster families to provide a meal chain  they whenever they are in need of meals. To be a part of the team that helps provide these occasional meals, click the button below. 


Foster families are in constant need of supplies (diapers, clothes, furniture, and much more). We have a supply closet off-site that needs management and organization.  To help in the gathering, organizing and disbursements of critical supplies for foster families, click the button below.


Each time a foster family receives a child, there are many appointments required. Therefore, foster families need child care for their own children.  To help a foster family with child care, click the button below.


Fostering well is impossible to do without the help of the Lord. One of the most critical things we can do is pray for every family that we partner with. To be a part of a team praying for a foster family in Gainesville, click the button below.


We will join with our partners for some special projects throughout the year.  We also want to be available for light construction, clean up, or physical needs our foster families may have.  If you are a skilled worker and want to use your gifts to help, click the button below.


All foster families that Westside partners with receive an advocate from the Westside community. This person serves as the primary communicator between Westside and the foster family. To apply to be an advocate, click the button below.