Summer 2020 | $2,500 | 18 years or older


We will be sharing the Gospel with Turkish Muslims living in the city of Medgidea and outlying villages through eyeglass clinics, worship services, and ministry events to men, women, youth and children.  We have an established relationship with a local pastor and will seek to encourage him and the local believers.


Team Leader: Lois Houk


February 28th - March 7th, 2020 | $1,300 | 18 years or older


We will be gathering data by: doing spiritual surveying along the tube lines, looking at communities for future church planting and bible study sites, networking with churches close to stops along the tube lines, working with student outreach, and promoting Easter services.


Team Leader: Zach Allen

Portland, Oregon

February 29th - March 7th, 2020 | $1,200 | 18 years or older


We will partner with a church called Kaleo Communities. We will help them make connections in public schools. We will also be working with Embrace Oregon to help vulnerable children and families in partnership with the state and the Sunshine Division to provide food and clothing to needy families.  


Team Leader: Jeremy Large


Fall 2020 | $3,000 | 18 years or older | 4-6 team members


We will continue evangelism and discipleship work with the Tharaka people group in Kenya by sharing the gospel with the purpose of planting new churches. This will be accomplished through Bible storying, personal evangelism and relationship building.


Team Leader: Mike Allen

London (High School)

March 20th - March 28th, 2020 | $1,300 | 11th/12th Grade Only


Similar to the earlier London team, this team will also be helping to gather data for church planters, doing outreach, and specially focusing on inviting to Easter.


Team Leader: Zack Jernigan

East Asia

June 2020 | $3,000 | 18 years or older | 4-6 team members

We will serve IMB Workers and Taiwanese Pastors in outreach, evangelism, discipleship and training to extend God's glory throughout the unreached people groups of East Asia.

Team Leader: Cara Sarmiento


February 2020 | $3,000 | 18 years or older

We will seek to be the light of Christ by humbling ourselves, showing compassion, building relationships, and exemplifying God's love and the truth of His word. We will be strengthening other believers by discipling them using the T4T method and evangelizing in villages along the Amazon River.

Team Leader: Jane McEwen

The Congo

TBD | $3,000 | 18 years or older

We will be working with our IMB missionary partners, Jeff and Barbara Singerman as they share the gospel in Kinshasa and surrounding villages. We will also seek to train believers, partner with the local church and trail up new leaders. 

Team Leader: Mike Taylor


August 1st - 9th, 2020 | $1,000

We will partner with Echo Ranch and our Westside SENT missionary partners, Daniel and Amanda Schoenthaler. We will be helping Echo Ranch with some construction projects as well as helping with various tasks on the ranch. 

Team Leader: Steve Willis